Branch 5 Norfolk 2012 - 2013 Officers

President: Jack Schwartz 757-588-2050  
Vice President: Ed Klavenski 757-467-8745
Secretary/Treasurer: PNP Tom Leisher 757-853-1586


Howard Dellert


Chaplain PRPEC Ralph Holcombe 757-484-7403
Board of Directors:

Jim Hostman, Howard Dellert, PNP Bill Combs, Ed Pierre and Bob Fillmore



Branch 5 will meet at Providence Square Grill, 942 Providence Square Shopping Center at 1000 on the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning in September. All members are invited to attend.


There is not a man or woman, on active duty or retired from the Armed Forces of the United States, who at this very moment is not deriving some benefit through the efforts of the Fleet Reserve Association.

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